The Client

Based in the US and Australia, Swipejobs is a mobile exchange that partners with staffing firms to offer a complete mobile platform that is integrated in real time with their systems. At the heart of Swipejobs is a transformational matching technology that matches on-demand workers with employers who are staffing firm customers.

The Opportunity

Blocshop was tasked to deliver a cross platform implementation for the delivery of the on-demand labor application. This technical solution was at the very core of their Digital strategy and business model and we are extremely proud ofthe implementation delivered. Agile methods were used to compliment the remote delivery team which was based in Prague.

The Approach

In technology terms, the implementation was completed using Angular/Phonegap for iOS and Android clients and with the microservice backend written in Java. AWS EC2 was used as the deployment environment. The use of agile methods was central to the success of the engagement.